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Rental /Repair shop Accommodation Bisport – půjčovna lodí na Sázavě - Týnec nad Sázavou

Bisport – půjčovna lodí na Sázavě

The boating and tourist center can be found in Týnec nad Sázavou near the river Sázava 30 km from Prague. Bisport offers rental of water equipment, accommodation, but also a pleasant sitting in Bistro & Cafe Story.


Rental /Repair shop Sport facilities Catering Accommodation Weddings Sporthotel Kácov HvezdaHvezdaHvezda - Kácov

Sporthotel Kácov

The modern three-star hotel with parking area is situated approximately 33 miles southeast of Prague between the townships of Tichonice and Kácov.


Rental /Repair shop Bajkservis Tomáš Trojánek - Benešov


Rental /Repair shop BIKE SPORT 007 - Benešov


Rental /Repair shop Bisport Kácov – vodácká a turistická základna - Kácov


Rental /Repair shop Bongo Bongo – půjčovna lodí - Živohošť

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