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Catering Accommodation Weddings Bellevue Hotel Karlov - Benešov

Bellevue Hotel Karlov

An architectonically exceptional set of hotel rooms and services having a supra-regional significance was established in the historical centre of Benešov, on the top of the elevation
Na Karlově, away from the traffic. The current houses have irreplaceable authenticity of the
original buildings, contributing significantly to the value of the place.


Catering Café Český Šternberk - Český Šternberk

Café Český Šternberk

Café Český Šternberk was newly open in April directly in the courtyard of the castle. You can enjoy your break trying out our cappuccinos, lattes, teas, home-made desserts, baguettes, fresh vegetable salads and other specialities.


Catering Grosso Restaurant - Benešov


Catering Accommodation Weddings Parkhotel Český Šternberk - Český Šternberk

Parkhotel Český Šternberk

The hotel is located in the valley of the Sazava River, directly opposite the Cesky Sternberk castle. The hotel is a perfect place for relaxing, sport activities, organising of weddings, and family or company celebrations.


Catering Accommodation Pension Čtyřlístek - Český Šternberk

Pension Čtyřlístek

The local baker makes delicious poppy, cottage cheese, apple, damson cheese, and blueberry cakes. The bakery is a part of the local groceries shop, where the customers can buy the cakes or order them for their wedding parties, family celebrations or just for the breakfast. Or they come and taste this delicacy with a cup of coffee at our terrace.


Catering Weddings Restaurace U Zvonice - Benešov

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