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Accommodation Weddings Hotel Atlas - Benešov

Hotel Atlas

This modern three-star hotel in “the heart of Benesov” offers 20 double rooms (6x mini bar), 6 treble rooms and one room with threshold-free access for disabled persons, all equipped with a bathroom and lavatory, a TV with satellite broadcasting, a telephone and an Internet connection.


Catering Accommodation Weddings Hotel Benica - Benešov

Hotel Benica

The hotel offers accommodation in single, double, treble and 4-bed rooms, as well as five suites, two of which feature a kitchenette.


Accommodation Sport facilities Catering Weddings Hotel Kácov - Kácov


Catering Accommodation Weddings Hotel Konopiště Nová Myslivna - Konopiště


Catering Accommodation Camps and caming sites Weddings Hotel Kormorán - Zlenice


Camps and caming sites Accommodation Weddings Hotel Ostende - Chocerady

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