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Horse riding Accommodation Farma Zahradnice - Zahradnice


Horse riding Accommodation Weddings Hotel Všetice - Všetice

Hotel Všetice

The hotel is part of the Statek Všetice Farm, a complex that also boasts an indoor riding hall with a 55 x 21 metre sand riding-ménage and heated stands for spectators. The hotel offers 42 beds in 20 double to four-bed stylish rooms and apartments. Extra beds can increase the capacity up to 61 people.


Horse riding Koníci z Boušic - Boušice


Horse riding Accommodation Weddings Ranč Licoměrsko - Kácovec

Ranč Licoměrsko

This picturesque ranch lies within the recreational region along the Sazava River 3 km above the town of Kacov. It is easily accessible from the D1 motorway coming from Prague.


Horse riding Accommodation Weddings Statek Český Dvůr - Nová Ves

Statek Český Dvůr

Český Dvůr is a nice tavern in a country atmosphere among fields, meadows, woods and ponds offering short as well as longer sojourns in double or triple rooms with a shower, WC, TV, radio and phone. A year-round operation of the guesthouse and horse riding.

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