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Horse riding Accommodation Weddings Dvůr Prak - (Ecological farming) - Český Šternberk

Dvůr Prak

Prak Manor is located nearby Český Šternberk in a place which according to a legend suggests that Jiří z Poděbrad had once slung cannons from this known Central Bohemian castle.


Horse riding Accommodation Weddings Farma Barochov - Barochov

Farma Barochov

The Barochov Resort is an outdoor and recreational centre situated in the midst of meadows, pastures and forests near the banks of the Sázava River.


Horse riding Accommodation Weddings Farma Heroutice - (Miroslav a Jana Perníčkovi) - Heroutice

Farma Heroutice

Private riding school in beautiful natural surroundings offers all-year-round week-long or weekend relaxation stays with horse riding training. Advanced riders may enjoy one- or two-day horseback tours of the Sázava riverside.


Accommodation Farma Ztracenka - Mrač


Catering Accommodation Hospůdka za potokem - Petroupim


Rental /Repair shop Accommodation Camps and caming sites Hostel Kácov - Kácov

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