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Accommodation Apartmán Čechovka - Benešov


Accommodation Apartmány u Veverek - Živohošť


Accommodation Apartmány Zámek Třebešice - Třebešice


Accommodation BAEST Machinery Holding, a.s. - Benešov


Horse riding Catering Accommodation Weddings Barokní statek Benice - Benice

Barokní statek Benice

Not even one hour drive from Prague, directly in the heart of the former manor of archduke Frantisek Ferdinand d´Este, there is the unique baroque estate Benice, the seat of the biggest private breeder of Kladruby horses both in our country and in the world, the stud FAVORY.


Catering Accommodation Weddings Bellevue Hotel Karlov - Benešov

Bellevue Hotel Karlov

An architectonically exceptional set of hotel rooms and services having a supra-regional significance was established in the historical centre of Benešov, on the top of the elevation
Na Karlově, away from the traffic. The current houses have irreplaceable authenticity of the
original buildings, contributing significantly to the value of the place.

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