Farma Heroutice- Miroslav a Jana Perníčkovi

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Heroutice 1
257 56

Mobile: +420 604 232 834
GPS: 49,76904755°N 14,51958986°E Minute GPS format


Private riding school in beautiful natural surroundings offers all-year-round week-long or weekend relaxation stays with horse riding training. Advanced riders may enjoy one- or two-day horseback tours of the Sázava riverside.

The farm focuses on children, offering them year-round training camps with horseback riding theory and practice, practical experience with tending horses along with language lessons and a complete program, including meals 5 times daily. 

The complex accommodates 42 persons in rooms for two or four, has a stylish restaurant for 80 persons that can be used for weddings or seminars, a summer terrace and basic shopping possibility directly at the farm. The pride of the farm is a covered riding hall and an international standard parcours hurdle course.

You are invited
Should you like horses or the stir and excitement that accompany them at races, you should come along to take a look at several of the sporting jousts. If you’d rather get to know a quiet place alone among grazing horses, to ride with them around the beautiful countryside, collect a basket of mushrooms or just sit by the fire while ensuring your complete care and comfort – arrange a visit to Heroutic outside of the racing dates! We are here waiting just for you!

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The museum in Netvořice was established as a municipal museum in 1919 with the support of the municipal authority and the Club of Natives of Netvořice and the surrounding areas. It originally occupied the house no. 7 but in 1924 moved into its own building which has remained its seat. It houses a remarkable collection of Týnec earthenware and a collection of objects of applied arts and the folk culture – coins, medals, plaques and badges.


Zámek Tloskov - Tloskov

Zámek Tloskov

Původní tvrz byla přestavěna na jednoduchý barokní zámek počátkem 18. století. Rozsáhle přestavěn a upraven byl pak za Portalesů ve 30. letech 19. stol. Dnes byste v zámeckém areálu našli sídlo Centra sociálních služeb Tloskov.


Kláštery a fary
Děkanství - Neveklov


Events in the neighborhood

Spisovatelé do knihoven - Štěpán Kučera
4. December 2023 18:00

Spisovatelé do knihoven - Štěpán Kučera - Týnec nad Sázavou, Městská knihovna Týnec nad Sázavou - Workshop

Česká mše vánoční
7. December 2023 19:30 - 21:00

Česká mše vánoční - Kamenice, Kulturní centrum Kamenice - Concert

Adventní dvorky
9. December 2023 10:00 - 16:00
Markets – fair

Adventní dvorky - Netvořice, - Markets – fair


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