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Konopiště 24

Mobile: +420 737 252 992
E-mail: rybari@lisno.cz
Web: http://www.lisno.cz/rybolov.htm
GPS: 49,77050359°N 14,52922285°E Minute GPS format



The company managing 670 hectares of pond area focuses mainly on breeding carp, but also decorative fish. You can go fishing in the Smykov, Panský, Opřetický, Šebíř and Mlýnský ponds and enjoy peaceful moments combined with the excitement of success. In autumn months you may take part in one of the public fishing hauls.



In the sample store in the company’s headquarters you can buy some of the company’s products. It offers first class smoked specialties from various kinds of fish, deep frozen fish products, cooled carp products and fish delicacies.



For those interested the company offers the possibility of shooting wild boar or roe deer in the game preserve or free hunting district. Complex services are provided for hunters, including a guide and accommodation in a private lodging house. But you need not necessarily hunt. You may enjoy pleasant moments just by watching wild animals or walking in the woods and picking mushrooms.



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Neštětická Mountain View Tower - Chvojínek

Neštětická Mountain View Tower

4 km from the town of Neveklov, at the altitude of 536 m you may find a concrete view tower with the height of 12m. You can get to the view platform after ascending 48 stairs. This view tower was built as a monument of the subjects´ revolt on the Konopiště manor in 1627, which was bloodily suppressed.


Zámek Tloskov - Tloskov

Zámek Tloskov

Původní tvrz byla přestavěna na jednoduchý barokní zámek počátkem 18. století. Rozsáhle přestavěn a upraven byl pak za Portalesů ve 30. letech 19. stol. Dnes byste v zámeckém areálu našli sídlo Centra sociálních služeb Tloskov.


Kláštery a fary
Děkanství - Neveklov


Events in the neighborhood

Pohádky na hradě
20. August 2022 17:00

Pohádky na hradě - Týnec nad Sázavou, - Performance

20. August 2022 20:00
Film showing

Střídavka - Benešov, - Film showing

Pánský klub
22. August 2022 20:00
Film showing

Pánský klub - Benešov, - Film showing


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