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Havlíčkova 445, Čerčany

Phone: +420 317 776 518
Mobile: +420 777 170 666
E-mail: posazavsky.pacifik@seznam.cz
Web: http://www.posazavsky-pacifik.cz
GPS: 49,85236598°N 14,70805537°E Minute GPS format


This legendary railway line from Prague to Světla nad Sázavou has been running now for more than 100 years and continues to rank among the most sought after transport arteries. It takes you through beautiful countryside along the Sázava river. It acquired this popular name due to young campers who set off on it in search of adventure in the style of the Wild West which they had read about in the books of Jack London and E.T. Seton. You can travel along this romantic route on several of the regular personal trains as well as a significant number of excursion carriers pulled, above all, by historical steam or motor locomotives.

České dráhy, a.s.
tel.: +420 972 228 101, +420 972 241 629
e-mail: pavlik@zst.cd.cz, lemberk@kcod.cd.cz

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Are you longing to go back a hundred years in time and experience the magic of riding a historical train with clouds of steam wafting over your head? Then take a seat on the Posázavský Pacific train! It will transport you across enchanting countryside with forested canons and jagged cliff edges, across stone bridges arching over romantic valleys and through dark tunnels. It can take you to sights and museums, camps and guesthouses or simply just from villages to towns. It will always reliably carry you back home again.

Opening hours

1.1. - 31.12.

Attractions nearby

Muzeum historických kočárů, povozů a sedel - Vysoká Lhota

Muzeum historických kočárů, povozů a sedel

Zámeček Vysoká Lhota, jež je sídlem EQUI HANUŠ, nabízí veřejnosti prohlídky muzea kočárů a povozů, dále sedel, postrojů, kterých je zde okolo 500 kusů. Dále je pro Vás připravena prohlídka sklepení z 11. století s dobovou mučírnou a část zámečku s výkladem o jeho starobylé historii.




The museum in Pysely was founded in 1937. The main person behind it was Arnost Chvojka. The collection was greatly varied and grew to as much as a thousand exhibits. The museum was closed in the 1950s and the collection was distributed among other museums in the region. Efforts to re-establish the museum began in the early 1990s. The current permanent display was installed on the second floor of a house owned by the municipality and opened to the public for the first time on 3 November 1996.


Zámek Vysoká Lhota - Vysoká Lhota

Zámek Vysoká Lhota

Zámeček je poprvé zmiňován už za časů Karla IV. kolem roku 1358. Až do 18. století byl užíván majiteli jako sídlo. Poté však začal sloužit jako sklad a postupně chátral. Dnes se zde nachází muzeum kočárů a povozů, sedel a postrojů. Dále si prohlédnete sklepení z 11. století s dobovou mučírnou a dozvíte se o historii sídla.


Events in the neighborhood

Komentovaná prohlídka všech výstav
9. July 2020 17:00 - 18:00

Komentovaná prohlídka všech výstav - Benešov, MUD - Exhibition

Big Band Pacholata
9. July 2020 20:00

Big Band Pacholata - Benešov, Masarykovo nám. - Concert

Tadeáš Hoza a Ahmad Hedar
10. July 2020 19:30

Tadeáš Hoza a Ahmad Hedar - Štiřín, Zámek Štiřín - Concert


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