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refreshments café confectionery restaurant
Equipment of rooms:
internet bathroom WC minibar WI-FI
Facility Services:
weddings seminars
Additional equipment:
whirlpool massage indoor swimming pool sauna


Jemniště 1
257 01

Mobile: +420 777 684 104
GPS: 49,74368129°N 14,7855461°E Minute GPS format
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They reconstructed the castle and made it available to the public, arranged the exhibitions, opened a Cafe Custoza selling original, homemade desserts. They furnished romantic suites they cook prepare their own game dishes for the guests. They created a wedding hall, founded alpinium, rosarium and planted hundreds of plants and trees in the Park. Come and see for yourself! Or let yourself to be intrigued by the unique style of the Hunting Dress Code by Petra Sternberg brand from the workshop of the Lady of the Castle.

The richly furnished rooms evoke the impression that their residents have gone somewhere for just a moment. How did the lords of the castle live? Do you want to try yourselves? You just need to rent one of the suites. And then unleash your imagination – who in the past fell into the bed with a canopy, used the hand-painted sink, warm themselves by the fire in the fireplace...? Or enjoy a stroll through the landscaped gardens or have them prepare a picnic in the recesses of the Castle Park.

Orange apartement with the oriental touch
If the exoticism smells you good, you will be pleased by historical furniture, copperplates, aquarelles of voyages, drapery, peinted wash-basin and toilette, Moroccan lamps, Indian mirrors, pillows and fragrances, English caps and by the breakfast, that is served to bed.

Olive apartement with the touch of seriousness
Are you interessted in the fashion? Just transfer sheets of luxurious lady´s robes of the 19th century recall the seriousness, tact and distinction. The historical furniture combined with modern achievements and all this covered into the cloth of the grape-violet colour and illuminated by „face-cloths“ (this deals with the shape of lights, which is very resembling to wash-cloth, turned over a stick). The breakfast is served to bed again.

Based on your wish we offer you an interesting proposal with the information about free terms.

You are invited
Welcome to our newly renovated cafe Custoza which unites the historical castle surroundings with the original concept of serving delicious home-made desserts decorated with roses from Jemniste rosarium. Enjoy our sweets which not only look great but also smell of roses. Take a walk in our rose garden and find out the name of each rose, its colour or who cultivated it.


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CHATEAU JEMNISTE - Postupice - Jemniště


In 1720, Frantisek Adam Trauttmansdorff entrusted the renowned Czech architect F. M. Kanka with the construction of a château corresponding to his social status, that of a prominent member of the aristocracy. The château is a typical seat of a nobleman from the height of the Baroque period, decorated by prominent artists such as M. B. Braun, V. V. Reiner and F. A. Scheffler.


Kostely římskokatolické
Kostel sv. Martina - Postupice

Kostel sv. Martina
Kostel sv. Martina, jehož nejstarší část pochází z doby před polovinou, či okolo roku 1250, stojí na jižní straně náměstí Sv. Čecha obklopen bývalým farním hřbitovem. Z původní gotické stavby se zachoval pouze presbytář, jehož východní okno má dodnes gotickou kružbu. Klenba presbytáře má dvě pole s gotickými žebry. Loď kostela o dvou lodích má valenou výsečovou klenbu a spolu s věží pochází z barokní úpravy, kterou roku 1718 provedl tehdejší patron kostela hrabě František Adam z Trauttmansdorffu.

- Chotýšany

Zámek postavený Arnoštem Františkem z Vrtby byl poprvé zmíněn r. 1743. V pol. 19. století jej Vratislavové z Mitrovic nechali novogoticky přestavět, především arkády s hrotitými oblouky. V r. 1948 byl zabaven Langhamerům, nyní je navrácen jejich potomkům.


Events in the neighborhood

1. June 2024 14:00 - 17:00

- Benešov, Konopiště vstup u Přírodního divadla - Celebration

5. June 2024 10:00 - 16:00

- Benešov, Masarykovo náměstí - Celebration

5. June 2024 18:00 - 20:00

- Benešov, Městská knihovna Benešov - Workshop


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