Nature trails

Getting to know the Votice region

Getting to know the Votice region

History and nature of the park in Konopiště

The trail goes through the Konopiště chateau surroundings, an extensive area of the nature-landscape park (natural monument). It informs about the history of the park and its particular parts. The second part of the trail informs of various ecosystems of the park and its fauna and flora.


Jílov golden mines

The nature trail was established as an addition to permanent exhibition in Jílové u Prahy in 1988, being continuously complemented  and enhanced. The trail informs of the remnants after both historical and contemporary mining of gold (terminated in 1968) in the south-western part of the town and therefore being an interesting and vivid supplement of  the museum visit.


Malý Blaník and Podlesí

The natural trail leads through natural reserves Malý Blaník and Podlesí along meadows and wood paths.  The trail makes accessible the Malý Blaník mountain top with a romantic chapel ruins, then descending to the protected territory spread around the Býkovice ponds and going back along the circuit of Malý Blaník to the starting point.


Nature trail of knight Kryštof Jan Šice

The nature trail has entirely 10 stops. Leading from Divišov over the Vrcha hill, Měchnov settlement around the Brtničák pond, the Český Štenberk castle to the village square at Český Šternberk or the other way round.... You will learn a lot about hunting, the Jewish religion, the nature around Divišov, agriculture or the Český Štenberk castle. The entire length of the trail is not even 7 km and you can walk it in 2-3 hours. On the journey, you will be accompanied by a figure of the knight Jan Kryštof Šice of Měchnov.

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