Jemniště 1, 257 01 Postupice - Jemniště

Style of architecture Baroque, First mentioned in 1720

In 1720, Frantisek Adam Trauttmansdorff entrusted the renowned Czech architect F. M. Kanka with the construction of a château corresponding to his social status, that of a prominent member of the aristocracy. The château is a typical seat of a nobleman from the height of the Baroque period, decorated by prominent artists such as M. B. Braun, V. V. Reiner and F. A. Scheffler.

The Baroque style Jemniště castle was built between the years 1720–1725 and is currently owned by Jiří Sternberg, who lives together with his family in the left-wing of the castle throughout the year. Romantic engagements, wedding ceremonies and whole wedding day, family gatherings or company events are prepared at Jemniště with much love and attention. We invite the future spouses into the wedding room furnished with decorations from the Orient as well as of European provenance. We’re also happy to report that wedding ceremonies in the rosarium, our large rose garden with a castle are on the increase.

The aroma of dishes using herbs form the castle garden permeate the restaurant area and we are happy to prepare pre-ordered picnic baskets too full of delights to ensure you spend a beautiful day in the stilling pools under our immemorial trees. For the little ones we have prepared a holiday theatre and are looking forward to your visit to meet the jemnište llamas, kangaroos, Kaja the donkey, the goats,parrots, bears, racoons and white peacocks.

You are invited
Welcome to our newly renovated cafe Custoza which unites the historical castle surroundings with the original concept of serving delicious home-made desserts decorated with roses from Jemniste rosarium. Enjoy our sweets which not only look great but also smell of roses. Take a walk in our rose garden and find out the name of each rose, its colour or who cultivated it.

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Jemniště 1, 257 01 Postupice - Jemniště
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