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Welcome to the tourist region of the Sázava river

Traditional tourist area south of Prague features a combination of beautiful nature, historical monuments and leisure activities in the surroundings of the Sázava river.

Information Centres in the Posázaví region

The information service is provided by professionals of twenty information centres who are ready to answer any of your questions and to offer you varied promotional materials.


The castle of Konopiště was founded at the end of the 13th century, probably by the bishop Tobias of Benešov. It was built as a Gothic fortress copying the design of French castels.First building alterations were ordered by George of Šternberk at the end of the 15th century, and later by Hodějovští of Hodějov in the 17th century. In the 18th century, Vrtbové of Vrtba converted the castle into a Baroque palace. Francis Ferdinand d’Este, who bought it in 1887, had it rebuilt into a grand emperor’s residence.


Majestátní kamenné sídlo stojí na skalnatém ostrohu nad řekou Sázavou už téměř 780 let. V jeho zdech se vystřídalo na 20 generací rodu Sternbergů. Během prohlídky se návštěvníci seznámí s příběhy zejména posledních majitelů a způsobem jejich života. Přístupná je i jižní předsunutá bašta hradu, zvaná „hladomorna“, která byla součástí důmyslného opevňovacího systému.

Sázava cloister

The monastery was founded by Prince Ulrich and the hermit Procopius in 1023. It houses an exhibition called “Old-Slavic Sázava”. The tour includes the Baroque Refectory and the Chapter-house with murals dating back to the 14th century. You can visit the Baroque church dedicated to St. Procopius and see the underground crypt. There are uncovered foundations of the

Holy Cross Church from the 11th century in the northern monastery garden.


In 1720, Frantisek Adam Trauttmansdorff entrusted the renowned Czech architect F. M. Kanka with the construction of a château corresponding to his social status, that of a prominent member of the aristocracy. The château is a typical seat of a nobleman from the height of the Baroque period, decorated by prominent artists such as M. B. Braun, V. V. Reiner and F. A. Scheffler.


Za sklem – Magda Kubiasová

Za sklem – Magda Kubiasová Sázava

sobota 8. července 2023 - pátek 22. prosince 2023

Zahájení sezóny Vojenského technického muzea Lešany

Zahájení sezóny Vojenského technického muzea Lešany Lešany

sobota 25. května 2024
Lešany, Vojenské technické muzeum

Stodola Vest 7. – 8. 6. 2024

Stodola Vest 7. – 8. 6. 2024 Sázava

pátek 7. června 2024 17:30

Florian - restaurant

Florian - restaurant Jílové u Prahy

The pleasant restaurant is to be found on the square in Jílové u Prahy. It is open from Monday to Sunday. Next to common services it offers you an opportunity of organising celebrations, business actions etc. in the style of the Middle Ages.


Zámek Jemniště - (Apartments)

Zámek Jemniště Jemniště

Since 1868 Jemniště Castle is associated with the Stenberg family. The present owner Jiří Sternberg lives in the residence together with his wife Petra, son Vojtěch Václav and daughter Isabel.

The castle burnt down in 1754 and only of St. Joseph’s Chapel with decorations by a painter Václav Vavřinec Reiner and sculptor Matyáš Bernard Braun was spared. After a devastating fire, the count Francis Adam Trauttmansdorff rebuilt and newly furnished the entire castle. The appearance of aristocratic residence hasn‘t changed much since then. Only the garden has changed into a beautifully maintained romantic English park.

Hotel Týnec

Hotel Týnec Týnec nad Sázavou

The hotel Tynec is a traditional cultural house located in the Posazavi area which brings together a community room, training rooms and a café into one historical building. It has recently started also offering accommodation in modern rooms with their own bathroom facilities. The main hall has a capacity for 500 with tailormade technical support provided by our staff organising balls, school graduation
events, company parties, seminars, general board meetings and conferences, concerts as well as theatre productions, lectures and fashion shows.

Sporthotel Kácov

Sporthotel Kácov Kácov

The modern three-star hotel with parking area is situated approximately 33 miles southeast of Prague between the townships of Tichonice and Kácov.