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Accommodation Weddings Penzion Žižka - Rabyně

Penzion Žižka

Our accommodation facility is mainly used during summer months. Besides holidays it is suitable for groups, students or company groups. We can offer very interesting rates for long term guests such as company employees, constructors etc.


Horse riding Accommodation Weddings Ranč Licoměrsko - Kácovec

Ranč Licoměrsko

This picturesque ranch lies within the recreational region along the Sazava River 3 km above the town of Kacov. It is easily accessible from the D1 motorway coming from Prague.


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Accommodation Catering Weddings Resort Beach Nová Živohošť - Živohošť


Accommodation Sport facilities Catering Weddings Resort Green Valley HvezdaHvezdaHvezda - Chotýšany


Accommodation Catering Weddings Restaurace a penzion U Sapíků - Klokočná

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