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Sport facilities Atrium Golf Club - Trhový Štěpánov

Atrium Golf Club
The short golf course provides players with the opportunity to get to know the sport and its rules better giving you the chance to perfect this short and precise game.

Camps and caming sites Autokemp a chatová osada Horka - Horka II


Accommodation Catering AZZA Hotel & Restaurant - Horní Jirčany


Accommodation Catering Babiččina zahrada - Průhonice


Rental /Repair shop Bajkservis Tomáš Trojánek - Benešov


Flying and aeronautics BALLOONING.CZ - (Sightseeing ballon flights) - Praha 3

We have been flying balloons for over 20 years, not only here but also in many countries around the world. With this extensive experience we aim to give you the ultimate balloon flight over the beautiful countryside of the Czech Republic. You will see the towns, castles and cities in a way that you have never have seen them before. A balloon drifts slowly and majestically over the landscape, allowing you to soak up the view, be a part of it rather than just an observer. You hear the dogs barking, see surprised people looking up in wonder and finally arrive back on earth with a slight bump, knowing that you have experienced something rather special.
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