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Sporthotel Kácov

Das moderne Drei-Sterne-Hotel mit eigenem Parkplatz befindet sich 55 km südöstlich von Prag zwischen den Gemeinden Tichonice und Kácov.


Catering Taverna Thessaloniki - Davle


Accommodation Catering Zábavní areály a herny TEPfactor Slapy - Chotilsko


Catering Velkopopovická Kozlovna - Velké Popovice


Catering Accommodation Weddings Zahrady Myšlín - Myšlín


Catering Accommodation Weddings Kavárny a cukrárny Zámek Jemniště - (Apartments) - Jemniště

Zámek Jemniště

Since 1868 Jemniště Castle is associated with the Stenberg family. The present owner Jiří Sternberg lives in the residence together with his wife Petra, son Vojtěch Václav and daughter Isabel.

The castle burnt down in 1754 and only of St. Joseph’s Chapel with decorations by a painter Václav Vavřinec Reiner and sculptor Matyáš Bernard Braun was spared. After a devastating fire, the count Francis Adam Trauttmansdorff rebuilt and newly furnished the entire castle. The appearance of aristocratic residence hasn‘t changed much since then. Only the garden has changed into a beautifully maintained romantic English park.

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