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Barochov 7

Mobil: +420 721 110 000
GPS: 49,86214497°N 14,63222023°E minutový formát


The Barochov Resort is an outdoor and recreational centre situated in the midst of meadows, pastures and forests near the banks of the Sázava River.

The journey from Prague takes 45 minutes. Barochov lies near the main road E55 on route to České Budějovice. The centre caters for families, offering all-day activities for children and adults alike.

As the only centre in the Czech Republic they have the Battlefield Live laser game rifles that add a realistic feeling to the Battlefield computer games. We also have an adrenaline rope-way in the middle of the forest with 40 elements of different levels of difficulty for adults. It is located 6-10 metres above the ground, has 4 rope-ways (Flying Fox) and a Tarzan’s Spin.

Other activities include terrain horse-riding or horse-riding lessons with an instructor for beginners as well as advanced riders. Basic communication with horses, looking after them and feeding them -- you can learn all this during a weekend or a week-long course.

The complex provides accommodation in single, double, three-bed and four-bed rooms; there is also a three-bed and six-bed apartment. All rooms are en suite and have a shared kitchenette. All rooms are equipped with a TV, a DVD player and a mini-fridge. Apartments also have a fully equipped kitchenette with an electric cooker and a fridge. Children under 2 stay free of charge. Pets can be brought according to previous agrément.

You are invited
Come along to Barochov for a fun-packed day of adrenalin jumping across tree tops. Let yourself be pulled into the action of computer games and live the fate of one of its heroes for yourself. Gather up your courage and come along to play with us! Or do you prefer the peace and quiet offered by our natural surroundings? We will convince you that the view from a horse’s back is the most beautiful in the world.


1.1. - 31.12.

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21. ledna 2019 19:30

Deštivé dny - Keith Huff - Benešov, Městské divadlo Na Poště - Performance

24. ledna 2019 17:00

Kouzelné křesadlo - Tomáš Kraucher - Benešov, Městské divadlo Na Poště - Performance

29. ledna 2019 19:00 - 22:00

Kdo nepláče, není Čech - Lukáš Pavlásek - Týnec nad Sázavou, Hotel Týnec - Společenské centrum - Performance

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